Monday, October 31, 2011

Update From All Elementary Schools

The traveling units have begun!

Olive has started the gymnastics unit.  This unit consists of parallel/uneven bars, tumbling, balance beams, vault/ pommel horse, climbing wall, rope climbing. Since the mats are available, we also include high jump in this unit.  Alright Owls!

Dryden will begin their bowling unit.  They will learn about the grip, approaches, and hitting the pockets, amongst other bowling skills.  This unit lasts three weeks- one week for skills, and two weeks of cosmic bowling.  Good job, Dolphins!

Windsor just finished Cup Stacking and will move on to team building activities.  Woo hoo, Wildcats!

Patton will be doing fitness stations and the ever popular game of Battleship.  Excellent Panthers!

Westgate will start the fall hockey unit.  Skills in hockey will be introduced and reviewed.  After that, Cup Stacking and basketball.  Sounds like fun, Wolverines!

Greenbrier is in the middle of fitness testing and will begin their team building activities.  Awesome Gators!

Ivy Hill will be doing the Heart Course.  The kids will act like oxygenated and deoxygenated blood and travel through an obstacle course that represents the human heart!  Get pumped up Eagles!